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Statement from Claiborne Holtzman addressing the Rocky Mount Audit

Two years ago, when I ran against Shelly Willingham in District 23 for the NC House of Representatives, I had the opportunity at various times to be engaged in conversation with Representative Willingham. The one conversation that resonates in my mind is when I asked Rep. Willingham, "What is the greatest satisfaction that you have received in being in the House of Representatives?" He replied, "Helping People solve their problems." Rep. Willingham did not help the people when he issued the statement regarding Beth Wood’s audit of the City of Rocky Mount.

I wonder, why did he choose the path of dissension and not address the problems in Rocky Mount?

Rep. Willingham has questioned the validity of the findings of the State Auditor’s Office as well as call into question the character of the State Auditor, Beth Wood. Rep. Willingham is uniquely positioned to propose and champion the very laws we need to address the issues we face in Rocky Mount, yet he chose another path.

Rep. Willingham should have followed his own advice and sought to help “people solve their problems”. The State Auditor’s mission is to protect the interests of taxpayers.  Beth Wood has done her job on behalf of the state and the people of Rocky Mount.  It is time we take what she has given us, pull together as a community, and address this in a constructive manner.


Claiborne Holtzman,

Candidate for N.C. House of Representatives, District 23,

Edgecombe & Martin Counties

Committee to Elect Claiborne Holtzman
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